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Can you grow your business by offering firewood, pellets and briquettes to your local market?

White Horse Energy and White Horse Bedding supply products direct to end users via our e commerce stores, however our palletised delivery offering limits the geographical areas we can get to and the size of deliveries we can offer. Customers who live in rural locations or who want to buy in non pallet quantities need a local stockist to support them, but what should you stock?

Retail customers will obtain their firewood, pellets and briquettes from a number of different sources.
Customers will typically make impulsive low volume firewood purchases by the bag or net when they are browsing other products in garden centres, country shops, DIY / hardware stores and garage forecourts. These product decisions will be taken based on appearance, ease to transport, convenience and perceived value for money, and typically used in open fires, wood burners, multifuel stoves, chimeras and fire pits, not necessarily as the household’s main source of heat. There is no need to offer transportation, but consideration should be given to display and point of sale.

More considered buying decisions will be made when customers use a wood burner or multifuel stove for their main heat source, and firewood is brought in bulk quantities by the crate or loose bags. In these cases fuel merchants and coal merchants will typically be the go to suppliers, especially if the customer is located 'off grid' and it is difficult to access their property using a pallet delivery or they are subject to a large delivery surcharge due to location. Product buying decisions will now classically be made based on price, but also quality and suitability for purpose will be big factors. For these customers the ability to physically deliver large volumes to potentially difficult to reach locations is paramount, and therefore the ability to deliver is far more important than the shop display.

White Horse Energy have long term relationships with approved suppliers, who supply our products to stringent specifications and tight KPIs. Our extensive purchasing power mean that you have all the benefits of sourcing high quality products at attractive prices, without the need to go direct to unknown foreign producers and run the risk of questionable quality, import problems or sending funds prior to guaranteed supply.

2015's Domestic Wood Use Survey suggests that the winter heating season starts in October and continues through to March, although wood pellets for fuel and for animal bedding both have all year round demand, and as outdoor living and the demand for fire pits and chimneas increases, high quality bagged wood in smaller quantities offers a viable opportunity for summer sales.

If you are already operating a business providing products and services to typically a local rural market, ideally with the ability to offer deliveries from a small vehicle, then biofuels could be an additional source of revenue for you.