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Get Individual Products 'Added on' to Crate Deliveries.

'Add ons' are great. They give you the opportunity to either buy in small regular quantities, or to try out products before you invest in full pallet loads.With our new boxed kindling and natural firelighter products designed to complement any firewood orders, add these products on to your order today and try offering them to your firewood customers.

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New Boxed Products Ready for Retail

Whilst we might be enjoying some beautiful summer weather lately, White Horse Wholesale are busy gearing up for Autumn. Just this week we have taken delivery of our ever popular kiln dried birch firewood in robust cardboard boxes, in line with the general consumer movement away from plastics. 
The firewood is now supported by a new supply of kiln dried kindling again in boxes, with the modern attractive branding and Ready to Burn accreditation suggesting a premium product and prompting spontaneous purchases.
To support the new products we are offering two special offers throughout July and August
1. Add-on a layer of 21 kindling boxes to any full sized pallet of firewood for only £45*
2. Buy a EcoBlaze Box Bundle pallet of 45 firewood boxes, 21 kindling boxes, 20 small natural firelighter boxes (50 box) and 5 large natural firelighter boxes (200 box) for only £250** to give you a complete firewood proposition. This equates to a significant saving whichever way you measure it!

* Price excludes VAT, and layers cannot be added to max crates
**Price excludes VAT and delivery
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All Max Crates now Available

White Horse Wholesale are delighted to announce that we now have our largest 2.24m3 crates of ash and birch firewood in stock (loose volume 3.74m3), and are able to supply containers of all firewood types.

An individual pallet of Birch can be collected for £267 (excluding VAT and delivery), with oak an additional £13 per pallet, Hornbeam an additional £26 per pallet and Ash an additional £33 per pallet.

Delivery is dependent upon your location, but will cost on average an additional £42.

For those large volume users, a container of 24 pallets delivered direct to your premises will save you £40 per pallet on average, so speak to us today to get a specific quote for both full and mixed loads.

Demand for these max crates of firewood will be high. Don't be left out in the cold - engage with us today, talk us through your plans for the coming season and we will ensure you get the firewood you need just when you need it most, at the best possible prices.

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Boxed Wood and Kindling

The boxes are a great response to the general movement against single use plastics, and certainly help create a sense of quality and value for money due to their size and density.

When sold in conjunction with our natural firelighters and briquettes, the boxes make a great proposition for stockists that want to have a modern, vibrant offering for outdoor living fuels.

Speak to the team today to get pricing, to request a sample, to discuss larger volumes, or to pre-order a pallet for delivery early July.

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Kiln Dried Wood vs Seasoned?

White Horse Wholesale are an established UK provider of kiln dried firewood, briquettes, wood pellets and natural firelighters.

We only supply kiln dried wood with a guaranteed moisture content of <20% moisture, which means that we can utilise the Ready to Burn accreditation.

Many of our customers have recently switched from sourcing seasoned wood to kiln dried, as they understand that kiln dried wood is perceived by consumers as having a higher value, and therefore can be sold for a greater profit and margin than seasoned wood.

With the BBQ season starting in earnest and many people cooking on wood as well as using wood for their outdoor fire-pits and chimineas, have you considered getting some high quality bagged firewood into your business?
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