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Christmas Opening Times


White Horse Wholesale will be working mornings between Christmas and New Year, whilst our delivery partners will be working full days during that period. 
The last day to order to get pallet deliveries prior to Christmas is Wednesday 19th December.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wholesale customers for their business throughout 2018 and to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
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Order Containers for Early January Deliveries Now!

At this time of year it's often hard to look past Christmas, however soon the holidays will be behind us and customers will be needing their firewood!
Direct containers are the most economical way to take all of our products, so if your premises will be clear of Christmas trees and Santas grottos, why not consider buying in bulk?
Speak to the White Horse Wholesale team today to discuss products, to receive quotations and to place orders. With typical container deliveries taking 3 - 4 weeks, now is the time to order products for delivery in the New Year.
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Kiln Dried vs Seasoned Firewood - Which is Best?

1. Seasoned logs will take between 1 - 4 years to reach an acceptable moisture level of less than 20%. There is no way of speeding the process up, and suppliers will not be able to react to unexpected demand

2. Kiln dried logs are sold Ready to Burn with moisture below 20%, whereas many seasoned logs are sold requiring further seasoning with moisture between 25 - 50%. Lots of consumers do not realise this, and therefore have a bad experience when they try to burn the wet wood too quickly

3. Kiln dried logs will have any insects or termites killed off during the drying process, whereas they can thrive during air drying

4. Seasoned logs are cheaper to buy wholesale, but also resell for less. Typically, kiln dried logs can sustain a higher margin, and will give a greater return on investment

5. Kiln dried logs tend to attract greater customer satisfaction reviews, as they consistently provide a high heat output, a bright flame, minimal ash and debris. As it is harder to manage the moisture level of seasoned logs they are not as consistent, meaning their performance will vary

With lots of reasons why you should supply kiln dried rather than seasoned firewood, speak to White Horse Wholesale today and get a competitive quote for our kiln dried Ready to Burn firewood.
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