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Sure Blaze in the News

White Horse Wholesale have produced an editorial which will appear in today's copy of Garden Trade Specialist - a bi-monthly glossy magazine now in its sixth year of publication, solely focused on buyers within the garden centre, DIY store and nurseries markets.

If you already receive the magazine look out for the editorial on page 33 within the Outdoor Living section, or you can view the magazine on-line at http://www.gardentradespecialist.com/

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Wood Pellets Can’t Be Carbon Neutral, Can They?

Once again wood pellets seem to be on the receiving end of some rather poor press this week, with The Times declaring that they are only considered ‘carbon neutral’ due to a ‘loop hole’ in EU law[1]. There are a couple of scorching lines in the article, including an assertion that “ministers [made] false assumption[s]” about the carbon neutral nature of wood pellets. Concluding that wood pellets are not a “genuine carbon neutral [technology]” and thus it is “ridiculous” that wood pellets receive the same sort of subsidies as these genuine technologies.

It appears that Mr Brack – the fellow who wrote the report quoted in the Times – is basing his argument on the fact that if one chops a tree down and burns it, it releases carbon into the atmosphere, and that simply planting a tree at the same time you chopped one down doesn’t count because it’ll take ages for that new tree to absorb the carbon released by burning the first one. Even if that is the right way to look at this (it’s not), I’m still not sure that his case stands up. So, for the layman (with the odd simplification), lets run through how this works in practise:

You own a forest. It’s a small forest, it’s only got 20 trees in it. They’re all different ages too. There’s a 1-year-old tree, a 2-year-old tree, and so on right up to the oldest and biggest tree that’s 20-years-old. At the end of the year you chop down the 20-year-old tree and burn it. It releases 1 tree’s worth of carbon back into the atmosphere. You also plant a new sapling. At the end of the following year, you’ve got 20 trees again. There’s a 1-year old tree …. Between them those 20 trees have absorbed 1 tree’s worth of carbon from the atmosphere. 

This is the basis of the ‘carbon neutral’ nature of wood pellets. 

“Aha” you might exclaim, “but it takes a whole year to absorb the carbon from the tree that you burnt in one day!” 

Oh dear. The above is an example. The reality is that forests and woodland are continuously managed, with trees being planted and harvested constantly, and so the consumption and release of carbon from the atmosphere is pretty much neutral – hence the term.

“What about those unscrupulous companies clear felling acre after acre of forest and not replanting them?”

Interestingly, the wood pellet industry is stopping exactly that scenario from happening. Wood pellets in the UK go through an incredibly laborious sustainability certification scheme to ensure that they do not come from anywhere with unsustainable forestry practices. While unsustainable pellets probably exist somewhere, there isn’t anywhere else in the world that checks the sustainability of regulated pellets as laboriously as the UK.

In 2013 the US consumed 63.6 million tonnes of wood less than it did in 2003[2]. Part of this is due to the cyclical nature of wood consumption – but a large part of this is down to the digital revolution. I’m assuming you’re reading this on a screen and not on paper? 

Making sure that forests have a ‘job’ is an important part of ensuring their continued existence. If the land currently forested can’t deliver its owners a yield, a natural consequence would be that land being put to a different use – we’d call that deforestation. Thus the use of wood pellets ought to be viewed as an important positive influence on the environment from both a carbon and forest perspective. Those seeking to portray wood pellets as carbon spewing harbingers of doom need to find a clue, fast.

Stuart Fitzgerald

Managing Director

White Horse Energy

[1] http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/450m-lost-over-failed-green-power-programme-n7hf0h6ht

[2] https://www.fpl.fs.fed.us/documnts/fplrp/fpl_rp679.pdf 
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Special Offers on Eco Blaze

As our business continues to go from strength to strength, every day we are faced with the challenge of where to store the stock in our bulging warehouse! 
In order to make way for newer products, we are therefore offering pallets of Eco Blaze briquettes at a special price of £192 per pallet, which will drop to £188 per pallet for orders of 4+ pallets and to £184 per pallet for orders of 8+ pallets.


If you have more space in your warehouse than us, take advantage of this limited time offer - briquettes are a great all year round fuel source for both indoor and outdoor use, and if stored correctly can be kept indefinitely.
With a RRP of £5.00 per pack there are some great margins to be made, so don't delay and order today.

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White Horse Bedding Website Refresh

Following the success of White Horse Bedding at BETA, we've recently refreshed the White Horse Bedding website which is aimed at wood pellet end users, giving it a brand new look and additional content.

The site now features some great video testimonials from leading members of the equine world, an interactive Ready Reckoner to help end users calculate usage and costings, a far more obvious list of local stockists and reasons why they are important, and a easy to ready infographic page highlighting the advantages and benefits of wood pellets for horse bedding.

bedding-ready-reckoner.png       bedding-stockists.png       bedding-testimonials.png

To help stockists capitalise on these new opportunities, we have also produced some attractive A5 sized point of sale leaflets, explaining the benefits of wood pellets for horse bedding and how to use them. When you use the leaflets in conjunction with the Ready Reckoner, we are confident that you will be able to move your customers from more traditional bedding alternatives onto wood pellets.


Whilst the weather remains cold and damp, many horses are still stabled. Speak to Laura today to get your POS leaflets, to discuss the proposition in your local market, or simply order directly from this site!

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