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Fast Blaze Kiln Dried Kindling

White Horse Wholesale has just created a new standard for kindling. Whereas most kindling is currently very poor quality with small bits of softwood, recycled architraves and the like - our kindling is generated from the offcuts of our kiln dried hardwood and so of very good quality which the consumer will appreciate. 
Fast Blaze kindling is small enough for any stove, will light with very little assistance and provide the perfect start for any fire. 
Bag size is approximately 17 litre and initially the kindling will be offered in deliveries of 20 bags per pallet, and in time a full pallet will be offered of 60 bags per pallet. 
Kindling is a great opportunity to add some high margin products to your offering, so speak to the team today.
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2m3 Crates of Kiln Dried Ash

White Horse Wholesale are very pleased to announce that they can now supply 2m3 crates of our high quality kiln dried ash. Due to the size of the crates we recommend that a forklift is available to help with unloading and movement, however the crates are perfect for those customers who break down the wood into smaller quantities and re-sell in nets and dumpy bags. 
Multi pallet discounts and containers are available, and as delivery is at the same cost as the smaller crates, this is the best way to get the most wood for your money.
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Have you seen what we've done to the prices of Sure Blaze?

White Horse Wholesale have dramatically cut the prices of it's kiln dried bagged hardwood, to £260 for a full crate of 72 x 30 l bags and £160 for a half crate of 40 x 30 l bags. 

Multi pallet discounts will still apply, and as always the best way to buy the product is by the container load.

The product is a great opportunity to sell alongside outdoor living equipment such as chimeneas, firepits and BBQs, and with a realistic RRP of £7.50 per bag there are some great margins to be made.

If you are a garden centre, country store, farm shop or campsite please speak to the team today for a tailored quote including delivery to your area.
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Improvements to White Horse Wholesales Price Engine

In line with the development of the White Horse Wholesale offering to re-seller and wholesale customers, pricing can now be provided for all products in single or multiple pallet quantities and containers to all UK post codes.

We've made it as simple as possible to compare our products by quoting prices per pallet, per volume, per unit of measure (ie bag), and to collate the info in a simple to read e mail. 


No longer will you have to wait for container pricing, or be mindful of currency fluculations.

As a result of listening to our customers and passing on the benefits of our increased container business, all containers can now be quoted immediately on the phone and prices honoured for 14 days. 

Benefit today from the excellent supply chain that White Horse Wholesale has developed, and speak to the team about different products and delivery methods in your area.
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