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Kiln Dried Wood vs Seasoned?

White Horse Wholesale are an established UK provider of kiln dried firewood, briquettes, wood pellets and natural firelighters.

We only supply kiln dried wood with a guaranteed moisture content of <20% moisture, which means that we can utilise the Ready to Burn accreditation.

Many of our customers have recently switched from sourcing seasoned wood to kiln dried, as they understand that kiln dried wood is perceived by consumers as having a higher value, and therefore can be sold for a greater profit and margin than seasoned wood.

With the BBQ season starting in earnest and many people cooking on wood as well as using wood for their outdoor fire-pits and chimineas, have you considered getting some high quality bagged firewood into your business?
Posted: 29/05/2019 15:29:38 by Matthew Stretch | with 0 comments