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Does your establishment have an open fire?


Our hardwood firewood is kiln dried, so the wood will burn with a minimum of smoke and ash, resulting in less clean up and tidying. The firewood can be delivered in either individual 20L plastic bags which are perfect if storing outside or in a damp cellar, or crates to maximise value for money.

Ad-hoc orders can be placed with single pallet minimum order quantities and 2 - 3 day delivery times. Alternatively, we can allocate a specific Sales Manager to manage your demand schedule, set up a credit account and provide  reliable deliveries to give you one less thing to manage.

As many customers relish the welcoming nature of a real wood fire, but are similarly becoming more aware of the Government's Clean Air Strategy, instead of chancing locally sourced seasoned wood why not try our DEFRA endorsed 'Ready to Burn' firewood to manage ever increasing sustainability and legality demands.

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EcoBlaze Firewood Products


With the UK starting to head into wintery weather and many customers planning to stock up prior to Christmas, do you have a reliable supplier for firewood and associated products?

White Horse Wholesale are a proven UK supplier, with excellent quality products, strong modern branding, 'Ready to Burn' accreditation, single pallet minimum order quantities and typically 2-3 day delivery times.

We have good supplies of bagged kiln dried birch, a selection of briquettes, natural firelighters and kindling, perfect if you have the space to display the products indoors.

Give us a call today to get delivered prices and discuss how your business could benefit from the EcoBlaze range, or register on the website to see prices and order online.

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Quality, kiln dried, bagged firewood from £3.12 per bag*.

White Horse Energy is one of the UK's largest suppliers of quality kiln dried hardwood firewood. We supply numerous garden centres, country stores and firewood suppliers nationwide with bagged firewood, natural firelighters, briquettes and kindling, which fly off the shelves when we have a cold snap.

Our 20L bags of kiln dried birch contain on average 12-14 logs per bag, have a moisture level guaranteed below 20% and can easily justify a £7.50 resell value.

With a midlands based warehouse and single pallet minimum order values, is it worth placing an order today to get the firewood in place ready for the weekend?


 *based on single pallet delivery to 'zone 1'
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Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding Features and Benefits


As the bedding season starts in earnest, and potentially more customers than ever before will be looking at alternatives, I wanted to reiterate what I believe to be the key reasons why your customers might be more open to using wood pellets for horse bedding than ever before. 

Wood pellets are up to 4 times more absorbent than shavings. Rather than the urine passing through the bed, any moisture is absorbed and confined to a small area. This produces a small muck heap, and keeps the bed fresh and smelling ammonia free.


Each 15kg wood pellet bag will provide the coverage of approximately 1.5 bales of shavings, meaning that set up costs can be lower. Furthermore, due to the speed of mucking out and limited product needed for replenishment, ongoing maintenance is also cheaper.


Not only is a wood pellet muck heap smaller than the alternatives, it also has a higher concentration of manure. It is also made from a 100% natural product with no additives. This means it can be used as a fertiliser, or will compost down quickly and easily. 

Wood pellet beds are dust free and sterile, with a stable base and limited moisture. They are especially good for horses with respiratory problems and gives added support for horses with laminitis or other leg / hoof injuries.

As the pricing for 'traditional' bedding is on the steady increase, and supply could very soon be restricted, you are in the perfect position to have a 'face to face' discussion with your customers and shift them onto wood pellets. Give me a call if you want to talk through any of these benefits, to receive some point of sale flyers, or would like me to provide more detailed information to be used for staff training.

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Mini Firewood Crates vs Dumpy Bags

White Horse Wholesale has recently launched it's new mini crate concept and we've had great feedback from those wholesale customers which typically break down our full crates into dumpy bags. 

The tables below summarise their feedback, so if you are currently making up your own dumpy bags of firewood, why not give us a call to get a competitive delivered price for oak or birch mini crates. 

All that you need to do is add a mark up on and sell - let us do the hard work for you!

Costed Comparisons

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